Due to the restrictions being lifted and Grassroots football being allowed to return to competitive training we will be adjusting the restrictions in place at Water End. Friendly matches will be able to be played in August, however these must be booked via the fixture coordinator before confirming with your opposition.

Below is the areas to use for training.

Monday U14 Dragons Pitch 66:00-7:00pm
Tuesday U12 Dragons Pitch 56:00-7:00pm
U8’sPitch 1/26:00-7:00pm
U13 Lions Pitch 76:00-7:00pm
Wednesday U11 LightningPitch 76:00-7:00pm
U9 Knights Pitch 36:15-7:15pm
U11 Thunder Pitch 66:00-7:00pm
U11 Tigers Pitch 56:15-7:15pm
U10 Knights Pitch 47:00-8:00pm
WildcatsPitch 16:00-7:00pm
U10 Dragons Pitch 4 6:00-7:00pm
Thursday U9 Dragon Pitch 36:15-7:15pm
U15 Dragons Pitch 76:00-7:00pm
U12 Knights Pitch 56:15-7:15pm
U13 Knights Pitch 66:30-7:30pm
U13 LionsPitch 77:30-8:30pm
Friday No Teams
Saturday U15 Thunder Pitch 79:00-10:00am
TotsPitch 19:00-10:00am
U7’sPitch 29:30-10:30am
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