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Hi All,

I hope you’ve all had a nice summer break but as the weather gets damper and colder its time to get back on the side of the pitch and enjoy some quality football from our youngest generation. I wanted to let you know the expected structure of the season as we will be making a couple of subtle changes this year.


We will be at Waterend for a few weeks but will keep a close eye on the state of the ground. This year we expect a lot of training to take place at Queen Mary’s College on their astroturf – I should be able to give you about a week’s notice on that. We are partnering with QMC and will get some help from their sports students so this means we can have a larger group for the whole year. Our first term will run from 15th Sept to 25th Nov with a break for half-term. Our Winter Term will start 2nd Dec with breaks for Xmas. Our Spring Term will start 24th Feb with a break for Easter. All dates subject to weather.


This year we are inviting Yr1 and YrR children for the whole season. Last year we saw a step change in development with the older children once we had handed out some kits and played in some tournaments. This year our Yr 1 children will be called Mini-Dragons and we are offering parents of this age group the chance to purchase a Colts training kit for the season and really get ready for the transition to U7s teams as soon as possible. Our hope is that they will start to feel part of our club quicker and identify themselves as a team member.  It will also be something that our Yr R children can look up to and see the progress they can make if they keep training. Our Yr R Children will be known as Mini-Knights.


We are offering 3 payment options this year:

1) PAYG – £3.50 session (expecting to get approx 25 sessions in the season )

2) PAY PER TERM – £20 per Term – there will be 3 terms with between 8 and 10 sessions each (Option of £35 if term purchased with kit)

3) PAY PER SEASON – £50 per season (Option of £60 if season purchased with kit)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday – don’t forget drinks, shin pads, umbrellas and maybe sun glasses :). Please help spread the word – we would love especially to see more girls playing (boys are allowed as well of course).


Stuart Wright

Under 11s and Tots Manager

07453 292612

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