“Football has to be fun for kids or it doesn’t make sense”

Johan Cruyff

Basingstoke Town Colts Youth Football Club is a local club dedicated to coaching of boys and girls of all ages to play football and provide the encouragement and opportunity to play in matches.

We play our home games at Water End sports ground, we also use this for our weekly run training sessions during the lighter months. In the darker months we move our teams to alternative facilities to continue their training.

Our teams play in the Peter houseman Youth, North East Hants Youth and East Berkshire Youth Leagues.

Our club ethos sets out how we want to run as a club. It’s simple and concise and can be understood by players, parents and coaches..

  • To provide football for all children of all ages and abilities in a fun and safe environment
  • To promote good behaviour and respect for others
  • To ensure all players play within the rules of the game
  • Promote the importance of Teamwork
  • Play to achieve but not at the cost of development

Coaching Philosophy  

Our club coaching philosophy provides the support to our coaches for the development of our players.

  • Deliver age appropriate coaching to support their journey through the different formats of the game
  • Offer challenging but a supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes
  • Maximum touches of the ball to maximise development
  • Learn through realistic game scenarios
  • Encourage decision making in a pressure free environment
  • Harness creativity
  • Inspire a love for football
  • Letting the players play

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